The façade system is made of prefabricated aluminum and glass units that are shaped and designed to minimize solar heat gain by shading the façade against the summer sun on the South façade, but allowing the winter sun to penetrate through the built-in vertical solar shelves and bringing in natural light. The facade gives its occupants views of the corner of Broadway and E Houston and down South Broadway.
The materials used in the façade require very low maintenance which, in addition to the fact that the units are prefabricated, will bring down overall costs. Another benefit of the units being prefab is the minimizing of the on-site work, quick and easy installment as well as maintaining quality control.
The windows are manually open able to provide some natural ventilation, as well as to ease cleaning and maintenance. Because of the deepness of the office floor additional methods will be required for the building to be naturally ventilated. The natural ventilation through the façade itself will by no means be sufficient. The shape of the façade will control the flow of rainwater down it which minimizes the need for cleaning.